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If you want to watch the film for your own enjoyment, it will be released below on streaming on June 29, 2018. If you want to stream the film in an academic setting, please get in touch with us.


Spanish Exile from Yo Creo Content on Vimeo.

We are also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Our DVDs for Educational Distribution include an Educational Licensethat includes Public Performance Rights. The DVD includes the film with English subtitles, the teaser video that started the project and the trailer. This is DVD is intended ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.

We also offer streaming plans for academic institutions. Send us an email to discuss further. If you are an individual who wants to see the film, check below.

Want to see the film on the big screen? We also organize public screenings and Q&A’s. If you’re part of a collective and want to show the film, let us know, we can work with any budget.

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