Spanish Exile - the Movie

Genre: Documentary

Format: Feature, Television Series (8 half-hour episodes)

About the Documentary

Españoles en el Exilio (or Spanish Exile) is a documentary film that will shed light on the situation faced by thousands of young and not-so-young Spaniards who have been forced to emigrate in search of a better life abroad because of the economic crisis in their country. Through the testimonies of these highly qualified exiles, the majority between the ages of 25 and 40 years, we will faithfully capture the sacrifices that these people are making as they emigrate, often acting out of desperation, because of the lack of opportunities in their home

Spanish Exile will portray the challenges that émigrés face in their new host countries. It will not be a showcase of young professional expats living the dream. For example, it will tell the story of a young couple who just had their first child and have started their new family in a foreign country; the challenging relationship of a couple who each lives in a different country, but neither of them in Spain; people who have had to marry citizens of the country where they reside; people who have spent months looking for work only to find precarious jobs; highly qualified professionals who have had to deal with prjejudice against foreign workers in their new host country.

This will all be seen through the eyes and voice of director Rubén Hornillo, who is himself the product of the Cuban exile. The blood of Cuba, Jamaica, China, Scotland and Spain runs through the veins of this Spaniard  descendant of nomads who has been living outside of Spain since 2008.

The documentary will also explore the consequences that this massive migration will have on Spanish society in to long term. It will offer the opinion of experts in Economics, Politics and Sociology such as Santiago Niño Becerra, Ramón Espinar from Youth Without Future (Juventud Sin Futuro) or Amparo González Ferrer from the CSIC.

Filming is set to take place in Germany, England, Dubai or Qatar, China, Australia, Chile, Brazil or Mexico and the U.S. over a period of 6 weeks. To fund this project we are relying on mixed financing from coproductions,
sponsors, private equity and crowdfunding

“It’s important to talk about the new Spanish exile because it synthesizes the break of the social contract that people from my generation based our lives on.

Our lives will be more like the lives of our grandparents in the post-war.”

– Ruben Hornillo | Director of Spanish Exile

  • "Ruben, Spanish Exile, your documentary film project that has  taken off with many, many testimonies. I'm sure you'll have plenty to choose from. Best of luck."  

    Ana Pastor | Journalist and Anchorwoman
  • "Spanish Exile is a great project Rubén. You really need to make it because the world needs to know about this. The use of Skype conversations to tell a story is really interesting."  

    Leland Orser | Actor and Director
  • "I think that 'Spanish Exile' is a documentary that really deserves to be made and I trust Rubén implicitly to tell this incredibly fascinating story, the story of his generation."  

    Emily Mortimer | Actor, Producer, Screenwriter
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