Meet the Crew

Meet the crew of Spanish Exile, the documentary film that will shed light on the situation faced by thousands of young and not-so-young Spaniards who have been forced to pack their bags and start a new life in a new country because of the economic crisis.

  • Ruben Hornillo Director and Producer

    Ruben Hornillo is a young Filmmaker and Multi-cultural Entertainment Industry Professional with International experience. Spanish Exile is his directorial debut in a feature length documentary.

  • Fatima Carmena Cinematographer

    As an ardent World traveller, speaking five languages provided Fatima Carmena access to valuable relationships with both professionals and artists spanning various cultures.

  • Georgina Rodriguez PR & Marketing and Producer

    Georgina Rodriguez joined the project at its launch. She has worked as a Political Strategist, but now she is a Multicultural Digital Media Marketing Consultant, Translator and Localizer.

  • Lara Mateo Rovira-Beleta Camera Operator

    Lara Mateo Rovira-Beleta is a film, television and video editor and camera operator. She has a B.A./M.A in Audiovisual Communications and MFA's in Film & Television Fiction and Film Editing.

  • Pablo Martinez Editor

    Pablo Martinez is a Film and Television editor with experience in television, short films and documentaries. He has a B.A./M.A in Audiovisual Communication and an MFA in Film & Television Editing.

  • Antonio “Torio” Garcia Camera Operator

    Above all else, Antonio "Torio" Garcia loves storytelling. He writes, draws, directs, and operates cameras. Antonio has a B.A./M.A. in Audiovisual Communication.

The Making Of

Photos from the shoot of the documentary film, Spanish Exile

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