We're not leaving because of our ``spirit of adventure``

We're leaving because they're kicking us out

I’d been living overseas since 2008, seeing how my friends from college back in Spain were doing one of three things after graduating: studying a Master’s Degree, being jobless, or emigrating. It got to the point in 2011, when I was in Los Angeles doing a Master’s in Film and Television Producing, that practically every day someone on Facebook was leaving Spain. It all came to a head  on September 25, 2012 with the  Rodea el Congreso (Surround Congress) protests and the brutal beatings that the riot police were giving the protestors. That’s when I realized that they were kicking us out of the country,  with sound beatings if they had to. I think that the rage I felt when I saw those images is what gave me the impulse to tell the story of my generation.

Ruben Hornillo

Interview in  Espacio Liquido

So I decided to do this...

So how many people have left Spain since the start of the economic crisis?

Enough to justify telling this story


According to the INE 262,081 Spaniards have emigrated during the crisis. These figures under-represent the reality, according to the very same INE.


For her part, the Population Movements researcher for the CSIC, Amparo González, calculates that 700,000 people have left Spain.


An analysis in El Confidencial concludes that nearly 2,000,000 have abandoned Spain in the last four years due to the economic crisis.

And the project takes off

With teamwork from all over the world

We created a Social Media community

We got over 5,000 loyal followers on our various social media channels

We ran a PR and Media campaign for the project

Our story appeared in important media outlets such as El Confidencial or el Objetivo de Ana Pastor in la Sexta television

We launched our crowdfunding campaign

We got the endorsement of well-known actor Emily Mortimer and raised enough funds to start shooting

And we started shooting

With the funds we managed to raise we started shooting in Spain




Coming Soon

Spanish Exile, the documentary film that will shed light on the real-life situations of millions of young and not-so-young Spaniards who have been forced into economic exile due to the crisis in their home country.

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